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Qingjian Realty Developer for Bukit Batok EC

Besides the usual properties, Qingjian Realty has successfully done several projects in China and abroad, including residential and commercial properties. It has received different awards and completed several noteworthy projects, including Qingdao Swimming and Diving Gym, Qingdao International Conference Center, and Qingdao Municipal Government Building. Listed below are some of the key projects that Qingjian has done.


If you are looking for a new home, you may want to consider buying a unit in JadeScape. This upcoming condominium is located at Shunfu Road, just 200m from the Marymount MRT station. It is also near many park connectors and hi-tech bicycles. Qingjian Realty recently acquired this project for S$638 million.

The company behind the project has a long history of real estate development. It began its international business in 1983 and has since expanded into over 30 countries. In Singapore, they received the prestigious BCA Green Mark Award for their Natura Loft project. Other developments of theirs include River Isles, Bellewoods, and Nin Residence. In Hong Kong, they have a history of developing and completing projects.

The company behind JadeScape is well known for creating some of the country’s most innovative developments. The company’s innovative designs and attention to the lifestyle of the homeowners has garnered the developer a prestigious reputation. It is expected to receive the Notice of Vacant Possession in January 2023. This development is one of the highest-quality private condominiums in the region.

The company has defied the stereotype that Chinese developers don’t have good construction standards. They have been awarded the BCA Construction Quality Assessment System Star, an accolade given to developments that meet or exceed 95% of BCA workmanship standards. However, the company’s reputation hasn’t been without its setbacks. For example, its executive condominium project, RiverParc Residence, suffered from a sewage smell.

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